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  • Vehicle Reminder

    The association has noticed that recently, there have been many vehicles in the community that have expired license plates, flat tires or look unkept and possibly abandoned. We would like to remind you of the Balmoral Rules and Regulations regarding these vehicles:


    Section 4.5 Operable / Registered Vehicles

    Vehicles in disrepair as reasonably determined by the Association may not be abandoned or remain parked on any Lot or on any Common Area. Use of any Common Areas or facilities for vehicle repair is strictly prohibited. All vehicles, including recreational vehicles, must be registered and in operating condition. If an Owner or renter fails to remove an offending vehicle within five (5) calendar days following the date notice of the violation is mailed by the Association to the Owner, the Association may cause the vehicle to be towed or otherwise removed from the premises and may assess the expense of such removal to the Owner. In addition, the Owner is subject to fines as set forth in the Schedule of Fines.


    There will be times where the association will not know who the vehicle belongs to and will apply a bright colored violation tag on the vehicle with a 48 hour notice before the vehicle is removed from the community.


    Please keep in mind, the association would like to maintain the appearance and value of the community. In order to do this, all vehicles must comply with the association’s rules.


    This letter is to give residents a "heads up" that the association will be maintaining this rule. To read the full governing documents of this community, please follow the link (or copy and paste) below and go to HOA Documents.




    If you are renting your unit, please relay this information to your tenants so they are not taken by surprise.


    As always, you can contact the association at info@balmoralhoa.net.




    Balmoral HOA / Advantage Management

  • Homeowners Living Along 2700 South

    November 10, 2020 -

    This is a courtesy notice from the association to all residents living along 2700 South. All residents living along this street should have received a notice from UDOT that the fence along 2700 South is being taken down. The work began Monday, and a temporary fence will be put up until the new, permanent wall is constructed. This construction will take place over the next few months. If you have any pets in your backyard, please remember to keep them secured. UDOT informed the association that they have already notified the homeowners along 2700 South of these plans. If you feel that you were not notified, please contact UDOT directly for details at mountainview@utah.gov.

    Please note: Fence work that UDOT will be doing in the community will only be affecting homeowners from 5782 Loch Raven Ct to 5724 Loch Raven Ct.

    If you are renting your townhome, please notify your tenants of this news.

    Thank you for your contined support,

    Balmoral HOA / Advantage Management

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