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  • June 2020 - Lawn Care Reminder

    As a reminder to all of our community members, backyard lawn care service is now a homeowner's responsibility. This means any mowing, trimming, aeration, or fertilization work that needs to be done in your backyard, is under your own control. The HOA is no longer responsible for backyard maintenance. Please make sure you are keeping your yards properly trimmed and tidy.

    As a note: all sprinklers in the community are connected to a system that affects more than one unit. Homeowners do not have control over the sprinkler system. If there is an issue with sprinklers not related to homeowner negligence/damage, it is the HOA's responsibility to fix the issue. Please note, any damage caused by the homeowner is still their responsibility.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    Balmoral HOA / Advantage Management


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