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  • May 2020 - Recreational Vehicles Reminder

    As we approach summertime activities and pulling out those aquatic toys, boats, RZRs, and such, we would like to remind you of the Rules of the community concerning these items and their presence in view throughout the community. Please refer to the Regulations posted on the website berkshireshoa.com under section 12.


    12.4. Recreational vehicles (including, boats, motorcycles, trailers, mobile homes, campers, snowmobiles, jet ski trailers, side-by-side, OHV trailers, or other similar recreational vehicles, equipment, and their trailers) and other vehicles in excess of three-quarter (3/4) ton in weight shall not be parked or stored on any part of the Project, unless stored within a garage or as otherwise allowed in these Rules. Recreational vehicles may be parked on roadways and in driveways for temporary periods not exceeding two nights, unless a longer time is approved by the Board in writing. The total time any Recreation Vehicle may be parked temporarily in a Project and outside of a garage, in any one calendar month, shall not exceed five (5) overnights.


    We appreciate your willingness to participate in keeping the aesthetics of the neighborhood in line with the guidelines and expectations of the community.



    Carolee Parkin | Berkshires HOA Management