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  • November 2020 - Parking Reminder

    Upon recent inspection we found many vehicles violating the parking rules and regulations found in your communities CC&R's. They state the following: 

    6.13 - Parking and Storage of Vehicles. No articles, material, equipment or vehicles of any nature may be parked or stored on any street located within the Project; provided that licensed, regularly used passenger vehicles (i.e. visitor vehicles) may be parked in unrestricted areas on the sides of the streets of the Project; provided however, in no event shall any such vehicle be permitted to park on the streets between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m. Overnight parking shall be permitted on a residence's driveway. No automobiles trailers, boats, racks, snowmobiles, motor homes, recreational vehicles or any other similar type of vehicles may be stored on driveways. All restricted vehicles must be stored in an enclosed garage. Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked or stored in the Project. 

    The largest problem with the parking violations is the on street parking. As a reminder, on street parking is NOT allowed. This is mostly due to the roads being private and entails that the streets are smaller than public roads. We are also on the tail end of the Fall season, so we will start to see more snow. This means snow removal will begin soon. If your cars are parked on the roads there is a higher chance of them getting damaged. These are some of the reasons that on street parking is NOT allowed. We are sending you this message as a courtesy. Please ensure that you or your tenants do not park on the street. Vehicles that continue to park on the street may be towed at the owners expense. 

    If you have any questions regarding this emails, please contact us at hoahelp@amres.co


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    Advantage Management

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