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  • Dues Increase

    The Canyon Trail HOA monthly assessments are carefully considered every year to determine not only how much will be needed to cover our monthly budgetary expenses (such as landscaping, insurance, fence maintenance, etc.), but also how much we’ll need to put into our savings or “reserve” for the repair or replacement of common area amenities.  After reviewing the reserve funding requirements for Canyon Trail HOA, the Board of Directors has determined it is necessary to continue to accelerate our reserve funding savings.

    Therefore, the HOA Fees will increase $4.00 per month effective 09/01/2020.

    Please see the attached budget with a breakdown of the monthly HOA fees.

    Please note that the long-term plan to accelerate the reserve funding anticipates another increase of $3.00 per month in summer 2021.  The future increases are not final and will be carefully analyzed each year before any increase is finalized.

    If you are on automatic withdrawal (ACH) through Advantage Management, your monthly deduction will automatically be adjusted unless you specifically instruct Advantage Management not to debit your account. You will know if you are on ACH if you filled out and sent in a signed form to Advantage Management with your bank account and routing number.

    If you send checks or make payments through the Advantage Management Website, or set up recurring payments through the Advantage Management Website or use your banks bill payer service, please adjust your payments accordingly. 


    Canyon Trail HOA Board


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