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  • Parking Enforcement - PLEASE READ

    As a reminder all residents and their guests are required to follow the CC&R’s and  we ask that you please remember that parking is prohibited in the private Streets at Cold Spring Ranch.  Residents must park in the driveways and garages ONLY.

    We previously sent a reminder of this on 07/23/2020, and are sending another reminder because we really do not want to see anyone get towed.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE STREETS. 

    Violators cars may be towed without notice.

    The CC&R’s state the following:   Except as permitted in the Area Plan, on-street parking is expressly prohibited on all private streets within cold Springs Ranch except in locations as designated by the Board which may be amended from time to time. Vehicles of all Owners and Residents, and of their employees, guests and invitees, are to be kept in garages and residential driveways of the Owner and other designated parking areas wherever and whenever such facilities are sufficient to accommodate the number of vehicles at a Lot, Unit or Parcel; provided, however, this Section 4.2.23 shall not be construed to permit the parking in the above described areas of any vehicle whose parking on the Property is otherwise prohibited or the parking of any inoperable vehicle. Recreation vehicles shall be parked in covered garages except for limited periods not to exceed forty-eight (48) consecutive hours in Residential driveways or other designated parking areas as determined by the Board and promulgated as part of the Cold Springs Ranch Rules, or as otherwise provided in the Governing Documents. All guest parking areas within Cold Springs Ranch, as identified and designated by Declarant or by the Board by appropriate signage, shall be reserved for the parking of the guest of Owners.

    We thank you in advance for your help and cooperation in keeping the streets clear of vehicles and safe for all community residents!

    Cold Springs Ranch HOA Management

    Advantage Management



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