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  • Snow Removal

    We hope that you are all enjoying your new homes!  As we prepare for winter, we wish to offer the following tips and reminders about snow removal for the Cold Spring Ranch HOA Members.


    1. The Cold Spring Ranch HOA fees cover snow removal on the private streets throughout the community and the shared sidewalks that run parallel to the roads in front of the town homes only.
    2. Owners / Residents are responsible to remove all snow off of their own driveways and sidewalks to the front doors.  Single Family Homes (detached homes) are required to remove all snow on their driveways, and all sidewalks including the sidewalks that run parallel to the roads in front of their homes.
    3. Snow removal is scheduled to start when the snow reached a depth of two inches or greater.  Snow fall less than two inches will not be removed from the roads and walks under normal circumstances.  Most often there is enough solar heat to melt accumulations less than two inches.
    4. Snow removal has been requested to be completed by 9:00 am on days when snow fall accumulations reach more than two inches.  But the actual timing of the removal may vary depending on the intensity and timing of the snow fall.  The contractors will do their best to keep the roads and walks cleared in a timely manner.
    5. DR Horton has advised that ice melt or salt use on the concrete will void their one year warranty, so please avoid using ice melt or salt on the concrete.


    Thank you.

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