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  • Pool Usage Guidelines

    During the last HOA meeting, a discussion was held in response to feedback received over the past several weeks from many community members regarding pool restrictions. The topic was included on the agenda in an attempt to encourage those with concerns to attend the meeting, and reasonable efforts were made to make attendance a possibility for all property owners.


    To prioritize resident access to the swimming pool amenity during this period of limited use, as required by the Utah County Health Department, a motion was proposed to restrict pool access to residents only. In addition to feedback received before the meeting both in face-to-face conversations and through email correspondence, we provided community members in attendance the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the issue. There were no comments shared disagreeing with the proposed motion; the Board voted, and the motion passed unanimously.


    We have received several inquiries after issuing the notice of the decision requesting exceptions for off-peak hours, and guest limits for single residents. The Association does not intend to systematize access further. It expects homeowners to self-regulate to ensure adherence to the maximum capacity restriction of 65 persons and yield priority access to paying residents.


    While we understand this may cause frustration for some of our community members, we believe that the decision represents the vast majority of our 740 property owners. Please recognize these temporary restrictions mean to prioritize our residents and their right to access of this amenity. Absent of these additional restrictions, the alternative may be to have the health department shut down the pool entirely if they were to find it over its restricted capacity.


    On a side note, individual property owners in attendance during the meeting did not cast votes. An HOA is a representative form of governing, and duly elected representatives have the authority to set community policy. The current restrictions are considered changes to community policy, which do not require a two-thirds majority vote from the community, as is the case for changes to governing documents (CC&Rs).


    --Legacy Farms Board of Directors



  • June 2020 - Parking Enforcement begins August 1st

    Greetings Legacy Farms Residents,

    As discussed during recent meetings, parking on private roads within the community is prohibited AT ALL TIMES. This is necessary to ensure access for emergency vehicles should a need arise. The Association reserves the right to enforce parking rules 24/7/365 and cars parked in violation are at risk of being towed at any time.

    This "NO ON STREET PARKING" rule will begin to be ACTIVELY be enforced via random patrols by a local towing company, from 10 PM to 6 AM, starting 08/01/2020. Signs have been posted as a reminder. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense.

    Also, please note that ALL of the open parking stalls in and around the private roads are designated as VISITOR parking and are NOT to be used for resident vehicles. Residents must park their vehicles either in their garage or on their driveway. Residents parked in visitor parking stalls may be towed at the owner's expense.

    Please CLICK HERE to view the map that displays the public roads within our community, along with the private roads and visitor parking stalls whereat parking enforcement will occur.


    We do not wish to see ANY resident vehicles towed and kindly ask that you carefully review these rules and plan your parking accordingly.

    Landlords, please share this information with your tenants. 

    Thank you,

    Legacy Farms HOA Board


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