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  • Postal Service Notification

    Dear Homeowner-

    We received information regarding the United States Postal Service Standard Change that is effective 10/1/2021.


    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is modifying the service standards for First Class mail.  Under the new service standards, the delivery day range for First-Class Mail within the contiguous Untied States will expand from the current 1-3 days to 1-5 days.


    As we care about your experience, we would like to suggest a few alternate payment option from the normal postal service.  If you choose to mail your  payments via USPS, we recommend that you give ample time to allow for the extra handling and processing time from the United Postal Service.   Payments received through our lock box system are processing payments as soon as they are received.  Please make sure your payments are paid to your Association and has your correct ACCOUNT CODE on your payment for proper processing.  If you need help with this information, please call us (801-235-7368) or email us at hoahelp@amres.co.  Insufficient information on your payment can delay posting to your account.


    Alternate payments options are:

    1- Web Payments  (eCheck/Credit Card/Autopay)  **Transaction fee apply**Paid through your web portal at: https://adv.cincwebaxis.com/.  (Registration is required to access your account.)

    2- Bill Pay (Paid through your Bank) Follow your financial institution’s

    guidelines for setting up Bill Pay.  (Include your account code on your


    3- In-house Auto-Pay (ACH):  To enroll in our Auto Pay (ACH) Program,

    please go to www.amres.co/ach-form/.  Enter all your information as requested.  You will receive a confirmation email your ACH is set up.

    4- Drop off Payment   Payments can be made in our office at 460 E 800 N, Orem, UT.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


    Thank You,

    Advantage Management


    PO BOX 1006 * 460 East 800 North                  
    Orem, UT  84059                                                                   
    (801) 235-7368                                                                       

    General Help Email:
    Office Hours: M-Th 9 AM-5 PM, Fri 9 AM-1 PM

  • Fall Festivities!

    Please CLICK HERE to view the flyer for details regarding pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and a door decorating contest!


    One & Nine HOA / Advantage Management

  • One & Nine Condominium Electric Vehicle Policy Statement

    Please review the One & Nine Condominium policy statement below.  This outlines the HOA’s policy for Electric Vehicle Chargers.


    HOA Policy for Electric Car Charging

    The capability to charge owner’s electric cars in our garage has at least three significant benefits. It provides convenience for owners, it makes the building more appealing and valuable to future owners, and it improves our environment by reducing air pollution and carbon emissions. We have identified a limited number of high voltage high amperage power sources that currently supply power to the building which could enable owners to route power for charging to their parking stalls. We will initiate discussions with Rocky Mountain Power to determine the feasibility and cost of bringing even more power to the garage if that becomes desirable.


    Unit owners may apply to the HOA for permission to install a car charger in their parking stall. The HOA will require that there be available access to a source that can deliver up to 30 amps and 220 volts. Owners must pay for wiring and installation of their charger which meets applicable codes and a meter purchased from or specified by the HOA. They must provide a drawing or photo of how their charger will appear when installed. They must agree to pay the charges for power used as indicated by the inline meter when billed by the HOA.


    One & Nine Condominiums HOA Board of Directors

    Email: 1n9hoa@gmail.com

    Website: ONE & NINE CONDOMINIUMS (1and9condos.com)


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