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  • May 2020 - Hot Tub and Pool Opened

    We are pleased to report that with the Governor announcing the lowering of COVID-19 Threat Level from Orange to Yellow, we have been authorized to re-open the hot tub and pool under the following conditions listed below. The hot tub and pool will re-open today. 


    Please observe the following before using any of the community common amenities:

    1. All Residents must sign an online COVID-19 Waiver before using the facilities. If you do not sign the waiver your key will not be activated for usage of the facilities. The waiver is located here:  https://adobe.ly/2z6DAZJ
    2. If you are sick or think you are sick, DO NOT use the facilities.
    3. Social Distancing spacing of 6 feet between separate households must be observed by those using all common area facilities.
    4. Pool Usage is limited to no more than of 50% of the posted bather limit.  Do not exceed more than 50% of the posted limit.  This total usage limit includes people in the pool and also people using the areas around the pool, hot tubs, chairs etc.
    5. Those that use the facilities are encouraged to use face masks at all times when feasible.
    6. Please bring your own antibacterial / antivirus cleaners to use on the chairs & tables  / gates / doors and other touchable surfaces, before and after use. 
    7. Please wipe down all surfaces touched while at the facilities.
    8. The HOA cleans and sanitizes the facilities periodically, but cannot guarantee that the facilities are 100% disease / virus free. Therefore, Use of the facilities is strictly at your own risk!


    Please share this information with your household members and if you are a landlord, or use your home for a vacation rental, please share this information with your renters and require them to show you proof that they have filled out and signed the COVID-19 waiver at the link above.


    We wish you all an enjoyable and safe summer!


    Retreat at Jordanelle Master Association