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  • November 2019 - Dog Park

    We wanted to let you know that the grass and fence has been installed in the community dog park, however, the dog park cannot be used until spring. The seeds need time to grow!

    We will send out the gate lock combination in the spring to all residents when it is ready to use.


    Thank you!

    West Square HOA Management


  • January 2020 - Parking Enforcement

    We have contracted with Loves Towing to do patrols through the community. They will be towing cars from private roads, fire lanes and handicap stalls. If you have issues with someone parking in these areas please contact us at hoahelp@amres.co

    Landlords, please make sure your tenants are aware.

    Thank you,

    HOA Management

  • January 2020 - Parking Enforcement - Assigned Parking Stalls

    We want to make residents aware that the parking enforcement that we previously announced also applies to assigned parking stalls. 


    Residents, you can call Loves Towing to have a car towed out of your assigned parking stall (801.695.5278). 

    If you are not 100% clear on which stall is assigned to your unit, please contact our office to confirm your parking assignment. 


    Please do not tow any vehicles out of reserved parking stalls unless you are 100% sure that the stall is your assigned parking stall. 


    Thank you,

    HOA Management